As you might know, our 2019 Lookbook was shot in Panama. This country has it all, beaches, sun and a lot of culture. But there is one place which is just magic to me: CASCO VIEJO.

It is the old town of Panama and was built in the Spanish colonial style Ethical and sustainable swimwear which is my absolute favorite! Soon it was clear that the CASCO VIEJO Panama will be the perfect place to take the most amazing pictures ever. But see for yourself:




I think we can all agree, that a place like this is just amazing.

What surprised us the most (and also made me very happy) is that even as Panama is a country with a lot of poverty, they sure take the global warming issue very seriously. The just banned all plastic straws and one-way useable plastic Ethical and sustainable swimwear products in most of the cafes in Casco Viejo. Even without a law that forced them to do this!

But like I said, they don’t only have the city which is impressive but also have a lot of wonderful beaches so we went to the most moody beach we ever have been to: VENAO BEACH and took some more pictures:



Having seen almost all of the beautiful places in Panama by now (I lived there for 6 months) here are some of the best places to see if you ever want to explore this wonderful place:

San Blas Islands

Playa Venao / Cambutal

Casco Viejo

Panama Canal / Panama City


Bocas del Toro

Boquete District

For more information about Panama City, check out pty.life

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