As you might have seen, I am a passionate Kitesurfer. Every year me and my team need to test all the new prototypes for the upcoming collection. And what better way to test them while doing what I love?

So I decided to spend a month traveling the north-east coast of Brazil wearing my all time favourite PURA suits and of course testing the new collection and making sure, that they are perfect in fit and style.

With this post I am gonna introduce my personal favourite Kitesurfing spots and show you some impressions of this wonderful trip.


Our fist stop was Barra Grande. It’s a small fishing town about 8h from Fortaleza. It is by far the most amazing Kitesurfing spot I’ve ever visited! It has a beautiful big beach and a laguna with absolute flat water. Also, there are about 5 restaurants and the food is amazing!



The second stop was in Jericoacoara, a beautiful little town in the middle of a sand dune. It has a bunch of cool restaurants but the best thing about Jeri is the sunset on top of the big sand dune and of course the Caipis afterwards ;-).



Our last stop was in Ilha do Guajiru. It used to be a super big and calm laguna but lately it has become very crowded . Nevertheless, it is still a super cool place to go with lots of wind and an amazing downwinder from Almofala Beach to the laguna.


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